A Letter from the President

The name NovaPacific is derived from the idea of a brilliant new star emerging in the automotive parts industry, and impressive force flowing forward with unprecedented benefits, like the Pacific Ocean.

New. Vibrant. Shining brighter than any other in the industry. Both words — Nova, and Pacific — conjure up pleasant imagery such as stars and water that support the customer-intimate brand vision I intend to reintroduce to the automotive supply chain.

Every day our goal at NovaPacific is to redefine the boundaries of customer service excellence. We will strive to provide the most reliable, highest performing products at a level of customer care our customers will value above all others.

We will earn a leadership reputation, not only because of the exceptional water pumps we manufacture, but also because of our character and drive to deliver on our promises. We are committed to excellence in all we do with a passion for taking care of our customers. This is who we are.

This is why NovaPacific is a leading manufacturer of TUV and ISO/TS 16949:2009 Certified automotive water pumps offering an extensive range of SKUs under TS16949 covering nearly every automotive aftermarket vehicle. We implement enterprise-wide kaizen-driven continuous improvement processes in an effort to deliver “zero defect” products and 99% fill rates.

It is our fundamental mission to ensure that our customers always receive the quality and attention they deserve. We do this by empowering our people, continuously improving our processes, providing the best water pumps on the market and most importantly, taking care of our customer.

Thank you for your interest in NovaPacific. If you are serving the automotive industry we may be the ideal partner for you! We are here to help you make your business stronger and more profitable.

To a vibrant and successful future,

John Casanova
President — North America
NovaPacific, Inc.